THE IMPREST TAKANAWA official website Newly built condominiums by Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation. A 9-minute walk from Shinagawa Station.

Conceptual 131 P type view

A liberating joy.|PRIVATE SPACE

From seclusion to open freedom, bringing fulfillment and joy.

Just as ensuring the privacy of the residents is vital, providing an open, absolute spatial freedom in the living area is equally as important.Step through the calm atmosphere of the common area, and as the door to the private area opens, gentle sunlight welcomes home the residents. From the window, an astounding panoramic view of Shinagawa and its redevelopments.The breathtaking scale adds an energetic spirit to the private spaces of the residents. The residence presents an unwavering pride and contentment in daily life that can only be experienced by those who live here.

Conceptual 131 P type view


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