THE IMPREST TAKANAWA official website Newly built condominiums by Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation. A 9-minute walk from Shinagawa Station.

Conceptual exterior view

From the hills of mainstream Takanawa,looking to the future.TAKANAWA HILLTOP

An exclusive hilltop residential area tucked away in the city.

This is the quietest place on a hill in Takanawa enveloped by a tranquil atmosphere, setting back from the main streets.It is situated about 25 m above sea level, on the Musashino Plateau known for its solid ground built upon ages of sedimentation. Located at a higher altitude than Mount Gotenyama, known as one of Tokyo's leading high-end residential areas, it is blessed with a safe and secure living environment.

Hilltop conceptual diagram

Residential location conceptual image

  • Stone walls around site (Photo taken May 2015, Approx. 245m from site)

  • Streets near site (Photo taken April 2016, Approx. 975m from site)

  • Photo of site area (Approx. 300m from site)

Private hilltop residence overlooking advanced city, while nestling in tranquility

Panorama photograph

The air filled with tranquility, tucked away beyond the reach of the hustle and bustle of the city.There is an overwhelming sense of space and openness, as the sweeping view of the ever-advancing city of Shinagawa spreads out endlessly below. "THE IMPREST TAKANAWA" fully enjoys such breathtaking features found only on a hilltop.Imbuing the dignity worthy of a historical residential area, it stands as the ultimate residence befitting to be called a private residence that provides the needs of each and every resident and home.

Exterior as seen miles away from Toyoko Inn


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