THE IMPREST TAKANAWA official website Newly built condominiums by Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation. A 9-minute walk from Shinagawa Station.

Takanawa, apex of prestige.

Conceptual exterior view *1


With dignity true to Takanawa.


Stone masonry wall near site
(photographed May 2015 / approx. 290m from site)

The lineage of premium estates.|Takanawa 4-chome, the secluded district of tranquility, retaining the dignity worthy of a premium residential area.

Townscape near site
(photographed May 2016 / approx. 15m from site)

From the hills of mainstream Takanawa, looking to the future.|Looking upon the future landscape, from the historical hilltop.

Conceptual exterior view *2

Residential design.|Traditional and modern. Incorporating the continuing spirit of Takanawa in residential design.

Conceptual 131 P type view *3

A liberating joy.|From seclusion to open freedom, bringing fulfillment and joy.

Conceptual 131 P type view *4

A private residence of comfort and relaxation.|Meticulous details to each residence, merging refined tranquility into daily living.

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