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Newly built condominiums by Sojitz New Urban Development Corporation.
A 9-minute walk from Shinagawa Station.

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* The duration of the train ride is taken to be one and half hours given that the commuting time (one way) of 90% of the working people in the Kanto area is under one and half hours.(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau "Survey on Time Use and Leisure Activities (2010)".)
*In the following drawing, the areas with conventional public transportation available as of today are taken to be municipals in which the indicated stations are located, assuming that the stations are reachable when the Linear Chuo Shinkansen are also used (transfer time not included).
*For the new Nagano Station on the Linear Chuo Shinkansen, as plans of linked transportation are not clear at this moment, the reachable range by shuttle buses, etc. at the new stations are estimated assuming that roads for accessing the new station will be built at the new station.
*In the following figure, since the aim is to show a rough range in a wide area, regions considered to include the indicated municipals are shown, instead of municipal boundaries.

*Indicated details are as of survey conducted in September 2017.


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